Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Free jangle pop from Seattle's Zebra Hunt

Seattle's Zebra Hunt is a fairly new band.  In fact, their Facebook page states that the band was formed early this year.  However, their Bandcamp site has two October 2011 demos, so they may have been testing the waters a bit ahead of the official start date.  In any case, there was no need for caution.  Erik, Mitch and Robert have dialed in accurately to a much loved and classic indie guitar sound.  The jangly, noisy touchstones of The Clean and other Flying Nun bands will come to mind, as well as contemporaries such as The Fresh & Onlys.  But this is no tribute act--when you hear Zebra Hunt, you'll want to put on your pith helmet and sign up for the safari.

The songs are available free, so join the hunt!


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