Wednesday, January 18, 2012

REVIEW: Former Bullies - Golden Chains

I'm being completely honest when I tell you that if I'd heard the 15 tracks of crunchy, jangly, 60s-style garage, psyche rock that comprise Golden Chains, it would have been in my top 20 albums of the year. I didn't, so it wasn't. But that doesn't mean that I can't set the record right by highlighting the album now. Here are the video version and the Soundcloud version of the title track --

Former Bullies - Golden Chains by CF Records

Former Bullies are a Manchester group that has been in existence since 2003. Apparently, there have been a lot of line-up changes, but the constants are Nick Ainsworth (guitar and vocals) and Tom Settle (drums). The current bassist is Matthew Taylor. The music has a relaxed, lo-fi vibe. But listening to the tracks, you get the sense that these guys know exactly what they want to deliver, and how to deliver it. This is the complete package of garage psych, bursting with melody and fuzz. I couldn't find a track on the album that I didn't like and didn't want to repeat.

"Black Cloud"

Former Bullies - Black Cloud by CF Records

"Waiting for You"

Now, here is the bad, or good (if you are a vinyl collector), news about sourcing Golden Chains. It is available in vinyl (if you like, MP3s can be purchased) and is super limited to 250 records. Apparently it isn't available in CD or from on-line services. The label is CF Records, and the link for purchase is here. The label seems like nice people. Maybe if everyone demands that they make and ship a load of CDs, they'll do it.

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