Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pop/Punk Update: New Cassettes - Winterhead, out March 6

New Cassettes are a Northhampton rock band that, to my ears, are working in the place where The Foo Fighters might meet up with Franz Ferdinand. It's heavy on two of the P's - pop and punk. I've always felt that to do this kind of music well, a good drummer is essential and they've got a good one. Band consists of Dan Battison (bass), Nik Gray (guitar/vocals), Tom Stubbs (vocals), Tommy Francis (drums/vocals) and Owen Reed (guitar/vocals).

We featured their EP, Silent Guns, here back in the fall. Here's a video for the song "Bite Your Lip":

Winterhead will be out March 6, but you can check out some of the music now and learn more at these sites:

New Cassettes on Facebook

New Cassettes Website

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