Saturday, January 14, 2012

Midnight World Pop Scout: First Aid Kit; Hhappiness

Because it's always midnight somewhere....

Tonight we have two groups from Sweden who have a discernible American feel to their music

Johanna and Klara Söderberg, sisters from Stockholm, comprise First Aid Kit. However, if you didn't know they were from Sweden, you'd guess--just based on the sound--that they were from the southern United States. And to my ears, the sound isn't a glossy Scandinavian cover of the Americana/country genre, but an authentic and warm presentation of our roots music. And I'll admit to a fondness for bands that list snowball fights as a band interest.

Johanna and Klara released The Big Black & the Blue in 2010, and now they are releasing The Lion's Roar. Here is the title track --

The same track on Soundcloud, if you prefer--
First Aid Kit - The Lion's Roar by Wichita Recordings

Even if I weren't convinced to like this group before, finding a song about Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons sells the deal quite nicely.

Blogfather John Hyland advised me that First Aid Kit released a this single on Jack White's Third Man Records.

My understanding is that the albums and one or more singles are available on Amazon and iTunes.

"Ghost Town" is a single from First Aid Kit's debut LP--

Twitter ( @FirstAidKitBand )

Hhappiness is an lo-fi, experimental pop rock group from Stockholm--so experimental that they even have an extra "h" in their name. The group was formed three years ago but they are just now releasing their debut recording, the three-track bananas EP, on the French label, Almost Musique. The track here, "All Kinds of Trouble" seems to me to be a Swedish-Americana stomp. I know that may sound weird, but it actually is a nice track.
hhappiness - all kinds of trouble by AlmostMusique

"Bananas" --

Almost Musique

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