Monday, January 9, 2012

Get to Know: Literature

When you write about music, particularly if you (meaning, in this case, me) spend a lot of your music writing time looking for new, emerging and little-known bands, it is exciting to find a band that isn't just interesting, but is remarkably good and ready to take on the world. I suppose one could feel foolish for taking so long to discover them, but I lack that specific gene sequence. So, without irony or self-reflection, I present Literature. Literature is an Austin, Texas band formed in 2009, and they've released two albums and a three song 7". The line-up is Erik Smith (drums), Nathaniel Cardaci (guitars and vocals), Kevin Attics (guitars and vocals), and Seth Whaland (bass). The sound is an energetic and melodic post-punk and new wave sound. Enjoy "Arab Spring", the title track for their new album:

If you like that, you can stream the entire album here:

Literature's brand of music is fun, and honors its influences without mimicking them. I'm betting that Arab Spring earns them a deserved following. What do you think?

Here is "Cincinnati", from the 7" of the same name:

"It's Cruel"

Voice Academy Records

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