Monday, January 30, 2012

REVIEW: Black Bananas - Rad Times Xpress IV

Hey, it is party time! And the soundtrack is Rad Times Xpress IV by Black Bananas. Oh, so you want proof? Try this slice of chunky funk-metal called "Rad Times" --

Black Banana is Jennifer Herrema, Brian Mckinley, Kurt Midness, Jaimo Welch, and Nadav Eisenman. They've been together since 2002, and formerly recorded and performed as RTX. In Rad Times Xpress IV, the band has given us thick, up-front bass lines, chunky riffs, metallic runs, whoozy effects, and distorted vocals. This album quickly goes from zero to redline, and if you're left behind, it reaches out, grabs you by the throat and drags you into the party. This band doesn't reinvent rock and roll, but it does twist and distort it in a fashion that I quite enjoyed.

Here is the promotional video for the album:

The album is released this week on the Drag City label.

Drag City

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