Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Sounds of Scotland: Cameo Colours; There Will Be Fireworks

Cameo Colours are Edinburgh-based foursome Scott Bruce (vocals and guitar), Daniel Crichton (guitar), Danen Sloan (bass), and Jack Bruce (drums). The Bruces and Crichton have been playing together in bands for ten years. They recently added Sloan to the line up and formed Cameo Colours. To gain some traction they are offering their new seven-track self-titled album for free download on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. To my ears, the songs are good indie rock songs with a driving rhythm section and excellent guitar work. But you can listen here and make your own decision --


Glasgow band There Will Be Fireworks plays an engaging brand of folky post-rock. Particularly impressive is the band's ability to build a song from a simple beginning to an smashing finish. According to some sources, they have released a debut album, and are working on a second.

Here is an EP they released in mid December:

There Will Be Fireworks is Nicholas McManus, David Madden, Adam Ketterer, Stuart Dobbie and Gibran Farrah. They are unsigned, but they are good. Here is the first track I heard from the group:
"South Street"

"Off With Their Heads", showcases the band's ability to build a song's momentum--

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