Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Psych/Country Rock Discovery: Western Haunts - Utøya EP

Utøya is the EP released by Seattle-based psychedelic country blues rockers Western Haunts in October 2011. I've recently discovered it, like so many good things, via KEXP and if you're not already familiar with these guys, please give this a listen.

I could see them happily sharing a double bill with one of my favorite bands, My Morning Jacket, just based on the sound and pace of this excellent 3-song EP:

Band consists of:

Jake Witt- Guitar, Vocals
Nathan Witt- Drums, Vocals
Michel DeBauge- Keys, Vocals
Nathan Hamlet- Guitar, Vocals
Derrick Wright- Bass

Just a tremendous sound. If you like Neil Young, and you also like Pink Floyd, and music with some soul to it, this will bring to mind some welcome reverberations (yes, I used that word on purpose)...

Here's a video based on one of their earlier songs somebody recently posted on Youtube:

Western Haunts Facebook

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