Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Get to Know: Mondrian

Intelligent pop, with hooks, melody and careful craftsmanship characterize the music of France's Mondrian. The group was formed in 2007, and released an EPs in 2010 and 2011. To begin 2012, they have released a new album entitled The Flood of Kool. And the first single, "Paris", is available for free download:

If that little taste is interesting, and I certainly think it is, you can stream the entire album here:

The two constant members of Mondrian are Roman Oswald and Morning Crash, and they are listed as the songwriters for the band. It appears that other performers contribute from time to time.

While the principal reason for writing about the band today is to alert our readers to The Flood of Kool, we would be doing a disservice if we were not to include a couple of the videos inspired by songs on the band's first release.

Here is the funny, and a bit shocking, "Last Breakfast on Planet Surf"--

Mondrian - Last Breakfast On Planet Surf from NYSUfilms on Vimeo.

In "Beware! The Killer!", we are reminded of the dangers of love and lies--

Mondrian - Beware! The Killer! from NYSUfilms on Vimeo.

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