Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Fireworks - Runaround 7"

Are you kids out there trying to figure out how to do guitar pop with the right balance of crunch, noise, vocals and hooks?  The nice people from the The Fireworks have kindly recorded a tutorial for you - the three-track Runaround 7".  The title track has been receiving a lot of attention, and deservedly so.  Buzzsaw guitars, a driving rhythm section, layers of fuzz and feedback and perfect female vocals from Emma.  The second track, "With My Heart", continues in the same vein, but adding a male vocal counterpart to Emma's lead.  The record concludes with the gentle "Asleep", featuring Matthew's measured vocals and viola from guest Godfrey Salmon.

Quite simply, this is pop done right.

The band is Matthew Rimell (vocals/guitar), Isabel Albiol (bass), Emma Hall (vocals/tambourine) and Shaun Charman (drums).  Previous/other bands for the assembly include Pocketbooks (Emma), Big Pink Cake (Matthew), Things in Herds (Isabel), and The Popguns and The Wedding Present (both, Shaun).

The Runaround 7" will be available via Shelflife Records in a limited run of 300 vinyl copies, as well as digital download.  The release date is November 26, but if you want one of those vinyl copies, I suggest you act soon.

Fireworks blog
Shelflife link for album

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