Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bardo Pond - Peace on Venus

Peace on Venus is the kind of album I get lost in.  Happily lost, I should add.  It consists of five tracks of psychedelic rock from Philadelphia's Bardo Pond.  The framework for the band was formed twenty-two years ago by sibling guitarists Michael and John Gibbons.  In 1991 they added Isobel Sollenberger on vocals and flute, Clint Takeda on bass, and Joe Culver on drums.  The current lineup remains the same except that Ed Farnsworth, and now Jason Kourkounis, has replaced Culver on the drums, and Aaron Igler adds synths and electronics.

The music of Bardo Pond is a sonic exploration.  The explorers' targeted landscapes are shoegaze, heavy rock, psychedelia and drone; their tools are reverb, feedback, and heavy riffs, with counterpoint provided by soaring female vocals and floating flute figures.  The listener is invited into a world of textures, hypnotic tempos and unexpected structures.  Put on your headphones and go for a sonic ride.  If you know Bardo Pond, you likely know that you want to listen to the album.  If the band is new to you, try out the second track, "Taste", below.

Peace on Venus is out now on Fire Records.

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Fire Records page for album

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