Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Nuggets: Death "Politicians in My Eyes"

If you somehow have missed the story of the band Death, I can't retell it here because it would be a spoiler to the great documentary film "A Band Called Death", now widely available. Any fan of punk rock, garage rock, or simply a tremendous story should see this film (

Here's all you need to know for now:
Three brothers from Detroit, Bobby (bass, vocals), Dennis (drums) and David Hackney (guitar). David Hackney wrote the songs and had the vision for the band as the fastest loudest rock band around, inspired first by the Beatles and The Who, and then by Alice Cooper and Detroit rock and roll. When you listen to them, you will hear American punk rock as you have come to know it (The Ramones, Black Flag and Bad Brains especially), except that Death made their only recordings in 1973. And no one heard them until recently. 

Here's "Politicians In My Eyes":

Please do yourself a favor and see the film "A Band Called Death". For me it is as much about siblings and brotherly love as it is about the birth of punk rock. A moving and very fascinating story.

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