Thursday, November 7, 2013

REVIEW: Various Artists - A Sunday Matinee

For pop fans A Sunday Matinee is like finding a box of rare coins at the back of your closet.  Over the years some of you probably have wished you could have more of the pop gems you read about and sample here (and if you are slutty, on other sites as well), but have concluded that even when bundled in singles and EPs, it is too much trouble and too expensive.  Well, we have solved that problem for you. And by "we", I really mean Jimmy and Matinee Recordings (we're just the humble messenger).  What Jimmy has done is to celebrate Matinee's 15 years delivering quality pop by packaging 15 gems from many of the finest pop bands in one album.  Including bands from England, Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, Australia, Brazil, Sweden, Seattle and other places, the one constant is the high quality of pop for which the label is known.  No band is represented more than once (although Glasgow's clever Laz McCluskey sneaks in on two bands), so the listener enjoys maximum variety.  There are no weak tracks.  In fact, there are no average tracks, just shimmering pop with affecting lyrics and some well-placed humor.

Although I usually don't bother to write much about the pricing of the music, Matinee is only charging $10 for the CD and $8 for a digital download.  If I weren't so lazy I'd retype those prices for emphasis.  If you are rushed for time (before ordering the album), I'll give you a couple of tracks to sample.  But you are well advised to stream the whole record.  If you like the kind of chiming pop in which Matinee Recordings specializes, get yourself an early Christmas present.  The release date is November 12, but you can order now from Matinee Recordings (links at the bottom of the post).

Australia's Bart and Friends -

Bolton, UK's Charlie Big Time -

Ireland's September Girls -

Here is a stream of the entire glorious collection -

Matinee page for album
Matinee Recordings
Matinee on Facebook

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