Sunday, November 10, 2013

Introducing: Birdcloud

There are various ways in which bands come to our attention.  We can read a review from another blog, get a reference from another band we respect, receive an email from a PR firm, label or the band itself.  Another way is to let it be known that you play humorous, dirty bluegrass and that when you tried out for some TV talent show the "judges" (noted musicians Klum, Stern and Mandel) all said the band were horrible.  Suddenly, I have an interest.  Moreover, the kind of people that fill the audience for that kind of show booed the band in the parking lot.  Now, I'm really interested.  Welcome to the wacky world of Birdcloud.

Makenzie and Jasmin are Tennessee girls who met in 2009.  They commenced to making music together and their sex-charged and trailer trash lyrics have been thrilling half the room and clearing the other half of the room ever since.  The two samples here include "Warshin' my big ol pussy 'fore I go to town", which is less than 1:30 running time, but the pithy message needs no more.  And at the end the ladies conclude "Just a' warship my big ol pussy should you want to go down".  Just a couple of well brought up southern ladies.  The other is the bloody, messy "Ice balls".


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