Sunday, November 3, 2013

Idle Fret offers free EP to download

Serious Drugs is the name of perhaps the most famous song from Scotland's  iconic BMX Bandits.  It also is the name of a new movies about the band.  Happily, this little EP of songs associated with the band and or the movie, currently is available for free download.  The five songs include two from the BMX Bandits (the first of which is a joint effort with The Wellgreen), one from Lenzie Moss IFinlay Macdonald who was a BMX Bandit, among other projects), one from Nick Garrie (legendary psychedelic folk musician), and one from Cineplexx, which features Duglas T. Stewart of BMX Bandits and Norman Blake of BMX Bandits and Teenage Fanclub.

The EP has been made available by label and event promoter Idle Fret.

Bandcamp for DVD of movie
Lenzie Moss Bandcamp
Cineplexx Website
Idle Fret website

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