Sunday, November 17, 2013

"Bottlin' It" / "I'm Having A Terrible Time" from Collider

Last year we posted a free garage rock nugget from Collider (here).  They are back again with a fine two-song single released last week via Tye Die Tapes.  Punk guitar riffs, thundering percussion and well crafted melodies -- this is good garage rock.  The record gives the listener a bit of variety, as the second track is more relaxed and you may find yourself encouraged to sing along.  Go ahead, no one will mind.

These songs are good enough that I'm prompted to give the lads some career advice: Record an album. Yes, I expect that audacious nugget is unexpected and never before uttered in their presence, but I'm a bold guy, dispensing important advice for free.

Check out the lead track below.

Collider are Paddy, James, Bobby, Simon and Adam.  Yes, the photo above only shows three men.  I have no idea which two are missing.

The Die Tapes

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