Monday, November 4, 2013

"Holy Infinity" from GOVs

Josiah Birrell of Australia's Gold Coast is GOVS.  His writing and recording is a solo bedroom project, but he enlists friends to assist for live performances.  He has a knack for a good melody and just how to arrange it.  But what I find most noteworthy about young Josiah is his wonderfully expressive voice.  It has just the right combination of grit and velvet.  Try it out with the engaging "Holy Infinity" -

GOVS previously released a five-track EP which included the single "I've Never Seen A Ghost" (free stream and download of the single here), and it is available on iTunes.  GOVS plans an EP release in 2014, and will reveal several more tracks in the upcoming months.  For now, you can check out a few more tracks at the Soundcloud link below.


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