Thursday, November 21, 2013

"Bright Spot In A Bad Year" by The Deadline Shakes

If you, like me, are collecting the records from Glasgow's The Deadline Shakes, your next opportunity will come on December 9, when the label Flowers In The Dustbin will release "Bright Spot In A Bad Year".  It should be noted that the band has not had a bad year.  They have played shows and festivals, been mentioned favorably by music critics, and had their songs played on radio.  However, the protagonist in the song has faced many challenges, and yet manages to adopt an impossibly positive perspective on his life.  The song may be one of your musical bright spots of the year.  It has a compelling melody and an uptempo beat.  The boys play the song with conviction and joy, and the positive attitude is infectious, even if it comes with a wink.

And here is the video -

The single is available for pre-order from the label, and will be available from the usual digital outlets.

Flowers In The Dustbin

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