Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Candy Strypers - It Is Rocket Science

Manchester's Paul Hughes records and performs as The Candy Strypers.  His tag line is "sunny powerpop from a rainy city", and it seems to me that he has his part of the equation exactly right.  Paul possesses the rare ability to churn out song after song of jangling melodies reminiscent of the Beach Boys and The Monkeys with spot on harmonies.  We introduced Paul to our readers last year (here), but we are featuring him again because he released a new set of songs called It Is Rocket Science.  While staying within his sweet spot of melodic guitar pop, Paul delivers a fair amount of variety in terms of pace and atmosphere.

I'd be bringing It Is Rocket Science to your attention even if it were priced at standard LP prices.  However, if you follow the Soundcloud link below, you'll find that all of the songs are available for free download.  So as the days get darker and colder in the Northern Hemisphere, allow The Candy Strypers to make your life sunnier.


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