Saturday, October 8, 2011

Midnight World Pop Scout-32: Models Can't Fuck; Mozam Beaks; Lo-Fi-Fnk

The edition of the Midnight World Pop Scout features its first ever Hungarian representative, as well as artists from Boise, Idaho and Sweden. Remember, it always is midnight somewhere.

The poetically named Models Can’t Fuck is the project of Hungarian Árpi Szarvasis. Despite the somewhat in-your-face stage name, the music is very good gentle dream pop/shoegaze. The September release, Move to Iceland (EP), provided below is available for free download.

"Ghost Kid" is a track from December 2010:


Mozam Beaks is a Boise artist producing a dub/electronic music with a psychedelic, surfy feel. I think it's great for relaxing on a Saturday night with a good beverage or two. The following recording was released on June 4, 2011:
Cremé de la Kremlin


Lo-Fi-Fnk are Leo Drougge and August Hellsing (plus Link Drougge when performing live) a Stockholm, Sweden group that plays well-constructed, polished, synth-based pop music. Their album This Summer was released this year. "Kissing Tate", "Last Summer and "Shut the World Out" are three of the tracks from the album:


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