Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Garage Rock: Toto & the Bad Eggs; Teenage Moonlight Borderliners; Swampmeat

Perhaps it is the economy, but this week I'm highlighting good free music. Today's offering are three garage/punk/lo-fi rock EPs on London's Punkslime Records. The first is more garage, the second a bit more punk, and the third is more of a lo-fi, punky singer songwriter vibe. At least that's what my ears tell me. In any case, I think all three projects deserve a listen, and it is the least you can do for them since they are offering you free downloads.

The first project is named Toto & the Bad Eggs. The members are Jerry Tropicano on vocals), Mark ( from Brown Brogues) on guitar, Ben (from the Brown Brogues) on drums, and Luke (from Sex Beet) on guitar. The lads have provided the EP Wallet Droppin for free, and it definitely is worth your downloading time.

Bandcamp page for Toto & the Bad Eggs
Toto post at Punkslime site

The second band is Teenage Moonlight Borderliners, whose Live At PNKSLM EP also is released by Punkslime Records and available for free download.

Bandcamp page for Teenage Moonlight Borderliners

And finally, we present Quaker Street Recordings PT. 1, a two song offering from Swampmeat.

Bandcamp page for Swampmeat

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