Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Stuff - The Mekons "Ancient and Modern 1911-2011"

It's a little odd to refer to a Mekons CD as new stuff, as they've been doing their thing remarkably well with the same lineup, if criminally under the radar, for 25+ years.

SoundSpike's free MP3 download for Monday (9/12) is 'Geeshie' by U.K. alternative rock band The Mekons. The featured cut, inspired by a Geeshie Wiley song called 'Last Kind Words', is from their forthcoming 26th album, 'Ancient & Modern,' and will be available Sept. 27 on their own Sin Records. // Tour dates at SoundSpike
Photo: Francesca Allen
Ancient and Modern is yet another fine record from the UK/Chicago legends. It explores the Edwardian age - inequalities of wealth, uncertain economic times, international instability - stop me when this sounds familiar, with the Mekons characteristic blend of rock, punk, pub, country, soul, rock, literary storytelling, guts and blood.
If you are a fan, but haven't checked in with the Mekons in awhile, you'll love this record. And if you are not familiar with them, this is a perfectly fine place to dive in. They outlasted what few peers they had like The Pogues, The Clash and The Gang of Four, and still sound inspired and important.
"Space in Your Face" with Jon Langford on vocals from Ancient and Modern:
"Geeshie" featuring Sally Timms and her lovely old time voice:
And a some very recent live footage of "Geeshie" and 2 more songs from Ancient and Modern 1911-2011:

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