Tuesday, October 25, 2011

REVIEW: Wax Idols - No Future

This is beginning to look like Garageapoloza around here. Of course, I think that is just fine, except that I think my speakers are burning oil. Today we're reviewing the No Future, the impressive debut album from San Francisco's Wax Idols. Headed by Heather Fedewa (AKA Heather Fortune), who also is a member of Blasted Canyons and formerly played with Hunx and His Punx and Bare Wires, the current band lineup also includes Amy Rosenoff on bass, Keven Tecon on drums, and Jennifer Mundy on guitar.

Wax Idols seem to hit the intersection of indie rock, garage and punk, all with a pop sensibility. There is a punk snarl, but boy/girl vocals, harmonies and hooks. And regardless of whether you are interested in genre tags, all you really need to know that Wax Idols blasts your brain and gut with excellent surly but sexy music.

Album opener, "Dead Like You"
Wax Idols - Dead Like You by HOZAC RECORDS

To be honest, eight weeks ago I'm not certain I'd heard of this band. After hearing a few tracks I became a believer in their potential. After seeking out and listening to No Future, I'm of the opinion that we don't need to wait for potential to be realized--this band is very, very good right now. The last four tracks on the album alone, "Bad Future", "Uneasy", "Sand In My Joints" (Wire cover) and "Grey Area" will have you moving your feet and pumping your fist. They have me reevaluating my draft year end list. Is there a weakness? Well, I'm not sure these guys know how to name an album.

"Gold Sneakers"

This isn't an album track, but rather a track released on a 7" earlier in the year. I include it in the review because I think it helps point out the irresistibly anthemic music this band puts out. "All Too Human":

All Too Human from Gretchen Natvig on Vimeo.

By the way, the band currently is on tour with Terry Malts. Check the tour schedule to determine whether you are lucky enough to live in their path. I'd love to see either band; both is a deluxe burrito!

Artist page at Hozac Records

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