Monday, October 17, 2011

Get to Know: Simon Bish

As the millions who regularly read this blog are aware, I'm happy to learn of any artist that can deliver jangly guitar pop. So I'm here to tell you of the happy discovery of Simon Bish. Simon Bish (who, to be fair, may not have realized that he needed to be discovered) delivers wonderful guitar pop that favorably brings to mind Teenage Fanclub. According to his Facebook page, he also delivers mail in Devon, UK. And this month, Bish's delivery is via his LP, All Aboard With ... Simon Bish, which is released on Simon's own Pop Noise Records. All Aboard is 11 tracks of jangly indie that will make on onset of fall a bit easier to take.

Here is album track "You Ran Away"

I've provided two more of the album tracks below, but you can stream the entire album on Simon's website, which is linked below. You also can purchase through the website rather than have to go through a third-party vendor. The website also shows a 12-track LP released in 2010 and an EP.

"Meet Me There"

"Owl Eyes"


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Jim Desmond said...

This is great stuff RS. Excellent find.