Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Sounds of Scotland-Part 28: Honey; Stevie Jackson; The Bird and The Monkey

"Free, but not stealing" is today's theme. We bring you three bands that are willing to give you some free tunes to play over and over. One hopes (and certainly they hope) that you will be moved to buy some of their music at some not too distant time. I must confess, that there is a bit of stealing on my part, because although I'd heard of all of these bands before, I only became aware of their current generosity through the Scottish blog Peenko. So thanks for the tip Lloyd, you have a nice blog!

Honey is a Glasgow dream pop/psychedelic/shoegaze band consisting of Nick Donnelly (vocals/guitar), Gary Waugh (guitar/vocals), David Sloey (bass/vocals), and Alan Duncan (drums). The guys released this excellent "Nowhere Floating" single last week. And it is free.

And if you like that, you'll also like the Taste It and See EP from last June. And you'll certainly appreciate the price. These lads are generous!


And who is Stevie Jackson? He is better known as a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter with Belle & Sebastian. However, he has released a solo album, (I can't get no) Stevie Jackson, on Banchory. If the two songs below are representative, it is a high quality pop recording.

(I Can't Get No) Preview by banchory


The Bird and The Monkey is a "left field pop" duo consisting of sculptor Sarahjane Swan and indie musician Roger Simian. Their Ossie Dean EP is released today (October 3) on Athene Noctua Records and is available for free download in the "music" section of the band's website. After listening to a few songs and watching a few videos, I understand why the band refers to their music as left field pop. But it also is interesting and engaging. Give it a try.

"Ghost: Apparition" is one of the tracks on the new EP

"Do You Wanna" has been screening in Edinburgh since September 19 as part of the BBC Music Video Festival 2011.


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