Thursday, October 13, 2011

Get to Know: Terry Malts

Terry Malts is a San Francisco punk/garage pop act (the band refers to their music as "chainsaw pop") formed by musicians from the group Magic Bullets. There have been valid comparisons to the Ramones, the Buzzcocks and The Undertones, and at times I hear a bit of The Replacements. Slumberland records is releasing the band's three track EP on October 25. The EP includes "Something About You", which you can hear below, "No Sir, I'm Not A Christian" and "Fun Night". With drums, bass and guitar these guys absolutely nail a great rock sound--hooks, fuzz, feedback, pace, and a sense of humor. I highly recommend you give them a try.

"Something About You"
Terry Malts - Something About You by Slumberland Records

Terry Malts - Distracted by Slumberland Records

This is a live version of their song "In the Waiting Room"

Slumberland Records

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