Monday, October 24, 2011

Get to Know: French Kissing

Some readers might wonder whether I've got more garage rock to share with you. While contemplating the possible answers, listen to French Kissing performing "Let Yourself Go":
Let Yourself Go by frenchkissing

The London trio comprising French Kissing are Jonny Stafford, Dominic Haley, and Chris Fenner, and they've been together for a couple of years, or less. The music is a surfy garage vibe, as evidenced by "Oh Suzanne":
Oh Suzanne by frenchkissing

If you want to determine whether French Kissing are a good match for your music collection, consider their other interests: Beer; riding bikes; and making songs about girls and feelings.

We'll close this little introduction to the band with their song "Beach Ball", as I don't know anything more about them at this point. However, I do know that I'd like to hear more music from them.
Beach Ball by frenchkissing


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