Monday, October 10, 2011

REVIEW: The Moth & The Mirror - Honestly, This World

Although Honestly, This World is the debut release from The Moth & The Mirror, it has the feel of an accomplished band in the full stride of their career. I suspect that one reason is that the band has been playing together for several years, but the answer also must be found in the fact that The Moth & The Mirror is a project comprised of individually accomplished musicians who also are (or were) members of other bands, including Frightened Rabbit, Admiral Fallow, The Reindeer Section, Smoke Jaguar and Arab Strap. Listen to the first track, "Everyone I Know".

The Moth and the Mirror blend the loud and soft, acoustic and electric, in a manner reminiscent of The Delgados. Many of the tracks tease with subtle touches punctuated by echoing instrumentation, and then build to a climactic wall of sound. The tone tends toward brooding, but there is redemption to be found and the listening is a treat in either case.

The primary vocal duties fall to Stacey Sievwright (other projects: The Reindeer Section, Arab Strap), but at times multiple voices ride the melody. The other members are Gordon Skene (Frightened Rabbit) on guitar and vocals; Louis Abbott (Admiral Fallow, Song of Return) on guitar and vocals; Kevin McCarvel on bass; Iain Sandilands on percussion; and Peter Murch on drums.

One of my favorite tracks, is the rousing "Germany":

The grand scale title track (live)

You can stream the entire album here. If you only have time for one or two tracks in addition to the foregoing offerings, I highly recommend "Fire" and the gentle "Closing Doors".

Honestly, This World was recorded at Chem19 Studios and is released today, October 10, on Glasgow's Olive Grove Records.

Olive Grove Records

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