Friday, October 28, 2011

The Soul Corner - The Flirtations: "Nothing But a Heartache"

I've long been a fan of this song, but not until today did I find this video, which is awesome beyond words, perfect and then some.

The Flirtations were a trio from South Carolina - Viola Billups and sisters Ernestine and Shirley Pearce - who signed with Deram Records in England. "Nothing But a Heartache" became a prime example of the "Northern Soul" of England that united mods and R&B fans and became the rage of cool teenagers across the UK in the late '60s-early'70s.

I showed this vid to my 12 year old daughter and she flipped over the fashion. Good taste, that kid.

The over-the-top production here is so great - the piano intro, the big build ups and work out, and the ever increasing drama and high pitch of the vocals: Nothing but a heartache everyday!"

The singer may be miserable but this song can make us in the Soul Corner feel so good.

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