Friday, October 28, 2011

Introducing: Koko and the Sweetmeats

It is Friday, the sky is grey, and I've decided I need a bit of psychedelic blues rock. And since I'm living in Seattle, I've decided that I need psychedelic blues rock from a Seattle band. Fortunately for you, I've decided to share my choice with you; fortunately for all of us, the selected band, Koko and the Sweetmeats, has decided to make their album Sacrifice available for free download. It reminds me of the good parts of late 60s and early 70s music. At least the parts I remember.

The band members are listed as Garett and Laura van der Crimp (some writers have indicated the name is van der Spek) with part time Sweetmeats Kieran Smith and Andrew Houle. If you like The Kinks, Howling Wolf, Screaming Jay Hawkins and the early White Stripes, give these kids a listen.


By the way, credit to Noah on the Sound on the Sound blog for highlighting this band.

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Anonymous said...

Good stuff. I can hear an opportunity for Marty Balin to sing harmony