Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Arid Sea - New Roman Twilight

We promised 'free music Wednesday' and that is what you are going to get.  Our second (and likely final) free album of the day is New Roman Twilight by Seattle band The Arid Sea.  The album was released as a limited edition CD in 2005, and received positive and well-justified reviews from those privileged to have heard it.  Weaving elements of dark folk, Gothic post punk, psychedelic and melodic indie rock, it presents a swirling array of broad strokes, dynamic structures and a myriad shades of grey and black.  Yes, the atmosphere is undeniably moody and infused with sorrow.  But a beating heart and rays of tentative hope peak through.  It is a masterful, heartbreakingly lovely work, and we are pleased that the band has again made it available.

The Arid Sea was Joseph Mass (drums), Michael Guillory (bass) and Isaac Aubrey (guitar/vocals).  Several of their other releases are to be found at the Bandcamp link, and we understand that more may be available in time.  There has been some chatter about a reunion as well, and we will let you know if we hear more about that.

Bandcamp for New Roman Twilight

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