Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Black Watch - The Gospel According to John

The alchemy of Southern California's The Black Watch is just the kind of magic we live for around the Blogquarters.  A heaping measure of Creation Records, a double dose of Dunedin, two packages of crunch and a box of the special order 'chime and jangle' from Amazon Prime.  Mix on overdrive and then top with sprinkles from The Cure.   The result on their latest album, The Gospel According to John, is fantastic post punk sounds adorned with lyrics from frontman John Andrew Fredrick, who also happens to be a college professor and writer.  So, you ask, 'these guys are famous, right?'  Our answer is not yet, despite many years of toil.  But quite frankly, that isn't your problem, it is their problem (assuming they care, and they probably don't).  Your problem is that you don't have The Gospel According to John yet.  So it is time for a bit of self-help and personal responsibility.  Stream the tracks below and then get busy scoring your own copy of the album.  I don't want to be judgmental, but a bit of the Gospel wouldn't do you any harm.

John Fredrick's Website
Soundcloud for The Gospel According to John.

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