Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Rat Fancy - Suck A Lemon EP 12"

Trust me, you could do with a dose of Rat Fancy in your life.  Rat Fancy sings sweetly, plays hooky and fuzzy indie pop, and has the ability to simultaneously kiss you off and flick you off while making you still feel supercharged on the sugar rush they have injected into your brain.  Sound about right for the start of summer, right?  Well here you are, six songs on the Suck A Lemon EP 12" (well, sure, it is five compositions but the band thoughtfully delivers two versions of the title track).  This record is a big ball of girl group, wall of fuzz, bubblegum and Southern California attitude.  We can't stop playing it, and if you buy it you won't stop playing it either.

Rat Fancy is Diana Barraza, late of Sweater Girl (vocals/guitar), Gregory Johnson (guitar/keys), and Gavin Glidewell (drums).  Suck A Lemon EP 12" is out now via HHBTM Records.  Check out the Bandcamp link.

HHBTM Records

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