Monday, May 8, 2017

No Zu - Body2Body2Body

If you are going to name your own genre, (1) your choice of name should be accurate, and (2) you should be very good.  Melbourne's No Zu aces it on both criteria.  They are the masters of "heat beat", their own version of eclectic, bottom-heavy dance music.  We were very impressed with Afterlife, their February 2016 album for Chapter Music, and have eagerly awaited more No Zu sounds.  So today, we bring you new, old No Zu music.  Yes, Chapter Music has unleashed two remix albums -- their first ever remix offerings -- and one of them is Body2Body2Body.  the record is a 12" of two remixes of Afterlife's lead track, "Body2Body", and two remixes of another song from that album, "Spirit Beat".  Around the WYMA headquarters we consider No Zu to be masters of world beat dance music, but we have to admit that the new life infused into "Body2Body" and "Spirit Beat" in these remixes is truly refreshing and very exciting.  Stream it below, and then go get your own copy.  And then get Afterlife.

No Zu
Bandcamp for Body2body2body

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