Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Joshua Burnside - Ephrata

Ephrata is a refreshing combination of Irish folk tradition, modern folktronic touches and contemporary themes.  The work of Northern Irish singer songwriter Joshua Burnside, whose 2013 EP was critically well received, it has the wide scope of an artist who is moving beyond the strictly folk channel of his past work.  Here, Burnside is bold and colorful, embracing Gothic Americana, Eastern European, African and Latin influences.  The themes he chooses to explore are equally wide-ranging, with the principal commonality being the quality of the writing and performances.  For my ears, the highlight songs are "Blood Drive", "Tunnels Pt.2", "Concubine", "26th St.", and "Ephrata", but you may find your fondest moments in the other offerings.

Burnside sang and played guitars, banjo, accordion, and keys.  His brother Connor played drums and percussion.  Other players are Rachael Boyd (violin/vocals), Sarah Martin (trumpet), Alana Henderson (vocals), Mike Mormecha (percussion), and Caolan Austin (percussion).  Ephrata is out May 5 via Quiet Arch.

Bandcamp for Ephrata

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