Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Wilding - Secular Music

Secular Music just may be a scuzzy, fuzz pop masterpiece.  The creation of California trio Wilding, it consists of five tracks of urgently performed but melodic guitar pop that, like the apple fritter I had this morning, is filling, highly satisfying and very addictive.  It is an EP of contrasts, with dreamy textures coexisting with fiery guitar bursts and an insistent rhythm section, and moody darkness stabbed with rays of hopeful light.  We have provided a couple of streams below.  If you like them, we urge you to stream the entire album at the Bandcamp link.  If you are like us, one listen will convince you that you need Secular Music in your life.

Wilding is Dave Woody (vocals/guitar), formerly of Fiver, with Andrew Platts (drums) and Bowman (bass).  The EP is released via Friendship Fever.  It is available in digital and cassette formats, with the latter including a bonus track not available on the digital version.

Bandcamp for Secular Music
Friendship Fever's page for Secular Music
Friendship Fever (label)

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