Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Americans - The Right Stuff EP

While their new EP is released by London label Loose Music, which focuses on Americana, roots, folk and country music, Los Angeles' The Americans are aptly named.   The Right Stuff EP showcases the band's affinity for country-tinged, bluesy, rock and roll.  You know, the classic stuff that never is completely in fashion any more but never goes out of style.  In their hands, the songs are bold and commanding, with ringing guitars, driving rhythms, and sincere vocals.  The performances and songwriting are tight, and satisfying.

The Americans are Patrick Ferris, Jake Faulkner and Zac Sokolow.  They are playing at London's Seabright Arms on Wednesday, May 3.  The Right Stuff EP is available now.  A full length is planned for later this year.  The band also features in American Epic, an upcoming documentary on American roots music which will be shown on the BBC later this month.

Loose Music

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