Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Doug Tuttle - Peace Potato

Peace Potato arrives at a good time.  A good time for us, and a good time for Doug Tuttle.  It is a good time because this sort of pastoral, psychedelic pop is best appreciated with longer days, more sunshine and starry nights.  And when it comes to Massachusettes-based Tuttle, it is important to realize that "pastoral" in no way connotes music that is rough-hewn or casual.  While generally relaxed, the songs here are meticulously constructed with thoughtful, well-phrased vocals and exceptional guitar work.  In fact, all the instruments are played well, and Tuttle played all of them in his home studio in Somerset.  Peace Potato is an album of hooks and melodies, half-dreams and hazy recollections.  You don't dive in, you sit back and let it wash over you.  After the final note, you reflect a moment, and say to yourself 'that was really pleasant'.  And then you hit the replay button because everyone wants to feel good.

The album is out now via Chicago's Trouble In Mind Records.

Trouble In Mind Records page for Peace Potato
Trouble In Mind Records

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