Friday, May 26, 2017

Slowes - Times EP

The music world is awash with electro-pop, which raises the question:  Is that a good thing or a bad thing?  Of course, that is a trick question because the answer depends on the songwriting and performance.  When we sorted through new electro--pop recently, the duo that seems to us to drip with promise is Slowes.  The multifaceted Copenhagen duo has just delivered their debut EP Times, and we have it on repeated plays.  Opening song "Anymore" and the third track, "Enough", offer perfectly crafted, glossy, neo-R&B synth pop.  The title track presents moody, dubby experimental pop.  Track four is "U", a bittersweet new wave song about wanting someone who wants someone else.  The EP's mood becomes slower and more contemplative with "Heartbreak Again" and "OOX", the second of which is a slow burner that is becoming a favorite around here.  Love and loss with solid melodies and beats and R&B influenced vocals -- a very good debut and highly recommended to start your weekend.

Slowes is Jack Kilburn (vocals) and Anders Hamann (beats).  Times EP is out today via Distiller Records.

Distiller Records

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