Thursday, May 4, 2017

Djustin - Voyagers

Djustin has an unusual working arrangement that produces smashing results.  One member of the duo is Sweden's Johan Angergård, of Club 8 and The Legends, among other projects.  The other member is Detroit-based Rose Suau, of Shoestrings and Invisible Twin.  Johan writes the music and sends it to Rose, who then writes the lyrics she will sing.  Just reading that description, one might be tempted to assume that the results tend towards the stiff and two-dimensional, even if perfectly functional.  Astoundingly, the truth is exactly opposite.  Djustin has now released their debut album, titled Voyagers, and it is everything you could ask for in an electro pop/house album.  The music and lyrics mesh organically, as if composed in the same room.  The rhythms are irresistible, the melodies soar, and the vocal sparkle matches the synth runs.  Moreover, the emotional vibe is palpable.   Voyagers is a dance album with evocative lyrical content and a big warm heart to go with the moving feet.

Dynamic, stylishly erotic, and invitingly physical, Voyagers is an album we really needed.  And it is out May 5 via Labrador.

Labrador Records

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