Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Asta Rangu - Plasticine

A few years ago we were excited about a Dunedin, New Zealand band called Males.  We have nothing new from that project, but the members have not be idle.  Or, at least, they haven't been idle all of the time.  Take, for example, Richard Ley-Hamilton, Males' chief vocalist.  Richard and his friend Julie have started the label Trace Records.  And because a label needs records to release, they signed a promising new project named Asta Rangu.  Since Asta Rangu is helmed by one Richard Ley-Hamilton, I suspect negotiations were not especially tense.  In any case, happily for us listeners Trace has just released Plasticine, Asta Rangu's debut EP.

Richard is an adventurous and meticulous pop craftsman, and the EP bears witness to his talent.  Richly detailed, hook-filled, melodic and bursting with energy, the five tracks are all different, and all excellent.  We had a debate around the office about which song was best, and decided that we couldn't decide.  So we embedded the entire EP.  We would be remiss if we didn't mention that if you go to the Bandcamp link you will note that the EP is available for a digital download at 'name your price'.  Those of you at the head of the class will know that means you can get it free, but Richard and Trace Records can more easily provide great music if you give them a few dollars.  And then you can tell all your friends that you just went shopping in New Zealand and bought some cool music.  A person could get lucky with a line like that.

One further note is that the excellent New Zealand music blog Pop Lib (link) is highlighting a New Zealand band every day this month, so we suggest that you check it out every few days to find new music.  We certainly intend to do so.

Bandcamp for Plasticine
Trace Records page for Asta Rangu

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