Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Wanda Junes - Hi-Fi Record Album

Sunday mornings demand something special, and we have a really good one.  American psychedelic country from The Wanda Junes.  TWJs hail from the Southwest desert town of Tucson, Arizona, and the location seems to have seeped into their psyches and emanates from their fingers and voices.   On Hi-Fi Record Album, their new record for Emotional Response, the melodies tend to b relaxed and the instrumentation generally restrained, although album opener "Grand River Saloon" rocks with full effect.  But the emotions are really and ably expressed.  And as Allison warns a lover who treated her badly in "Two Birds", she can't wait to piss on his grave.

Of course, this music would best be experienced in a roadhouse with a strong beverage and your own memories for company, but I can't make that happen for you.  But you can supply the beverage and the memories won't go away, so if you send a meager $6.50 to Emotional Response, label bosses Stew and Jen will send you a soundtrack to your tears.  And that will make you happy.

The Wanda Junes are Jeff Henderson, Thom Plasse, Bobby Carlson, Adam Frumhoff, Karima Walker, Nathan Fenoglio, and Allison McGillivray.

Bandcamp for Hi-Fi Record Album
Bandcamp for prior releases
Emotional Response page for album

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