Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Brideshead - Never Grow Up

We really don't want to let summer go around WYMA headquarters, so we are thrilled to have a copy of Never Grow Up, a great new set of summery indie pop from Brideshead.  Nine vibrant songs with happy echoes of C86 and immaculate Swedish guitar pop.  The album delivers jangling layers of guitars (and a trumpet), a box set worth of hooks, warm vocals and energy in a charming rush of sound.  If you still have sunshine, this album is the perfect accompaniment for your day.  If you don't have sunshine, this album -- on repeat -- is essential for your mental health.  Everyone who lives with you will thank you for getting it.

Brideshead was formed in Germany in 1993, although they sing in English.  Never Grow Up is their third album (along with some shorter releases), which suggests that they either are slackers or they have real lives.  The band consists of Martin Nelte (vocals), Burkhard (drums), Zwen Keller (guitar), Hanns-Christian Mahler (guitar), and Paul Engling (bass).

Never Grow Up is available as of September 18 as a digital download, and in CD and limited vinyl formats via Shelflife Records and, in the UK, Dufflecoat Records.

Shelflife Records page for album
Dufflecoat Records page for album

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