Friday, September 4, 2015

Love Sport - Almost Does Not Mean You Made It EP

Helsinki's Love Sport creates guitar pop that tends to attract the "slacker pop" label, but upon closer examination manages to be satisfyingly detailed and purposeful and decidedly wider in scope.  I believe all the members of the band are in other projects, but Almost Does Not Mean You Made It, their second EP, shows continued growth in cohesion and confidence from their promising debut, the Go!!! EP.

The EP begins with the bubbling garage pop of "Song For The Merries".  The following "Deadbeat Time" favorably recalls The Shins on caffeine.  Lead single "Genius" most aptly draws comparisons to Avi Buffalo and Pavement.  With its bratty vocals, "Calling All Stupid" ably walks the link between garage punk and post punk.  "Mrs. Brisby" has a jaunty Britpop vibe.  The closer is the racing post-punk tune "Yes #2".

Soliti Music has a number of fine artists on its roster, but it seems to me that Love Sport has the potential to be one of the most successful outside of their home country.  And Almost Does Not Mean You Made It is a fine introduction to their music.

Almost Does Not Mean You Made It EP is out Friday, September 4, via Helsinki label Soliti Music.  The supply of digital downloads is unlimited, but there are only a small number of cassettes.

Soliti Music

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