Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lost Weekend - Lost Weekend

You, our beloved readers, deserve the best indie pop music.  And that's why we are willing to scour every inhabited continent for music worth listening to.  And today, our ears have ventured to Singapore for the debut LP from Lost Weekend.  I first discovered some of their demos on line in February 2013, and was sufficiently impressed to feature them on the blog.  They contacted me recently about their self-titled album and I was more than happy to give it a spin.  Was it worth my time?  Well, a spin turned into multiple listens and, now, a full endorsement.

The band claims they make music for small lives in a big city, which is a very nice turn of phrase.  But it seriously understates the quality of the arrangements and the subtlety and sophistication of Rachel Tan's vocals.  In fact, I suggest that in addition to giving you ten indie songs you'll want to play regularly to enrich your small life in your big city, Lost Weekend may give you your new favorite female indie vocalist.  The songwriting is razor sharp and highly evocative.  I'm betting you'll be hooked from the first single from the album, "Mornings", to the final note.

Lost Weekend is Rachel (guitar/vocals), Arif (guitar/violin), Mark (bass), and Zheng Jie (drums).  The album is available at the Bandcamp link below.


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