Monday, September 14, 2015

"When You Were Mine" / "Comedian (Comedienne)" from The Flatmates

We cannot do much about the start of another work week, as there are limits to our power and influence.  However, perhaps we can make it a bit better by bringing a great single to to your attention.  The Flatmates, which were one of my favorite C86 era bands, have reformed with Lisa Bouvier and Brian Price joining original members Martin Whitehead and Rocker.  In addition to shows and festivals, they have found time to hit the studio and dash off the new single consisting of covers of "When You Were Mine" / "Comedian (Comedienne)".  I don't know how many versions of Prince's "When You Were Mine" have been recorded -- I'm most familiar with the original and Crooked Fingers' excellent Americana dirge -- but The Flatmates turn it into a fuzzy garage pop anthem that is worthy of inclusion with the best of the bunch.  "Comedian" is a cover of the Cinerama song, and it an able partner to "When You Were Mine".

The single is available in as a digital download and in a limited run of vinyl.

Bandcamp for single

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