Friday, September 25, 2015

Clearance - Rapid Rewards

I first discovered the music of Clearance a few years ago after founding members Mike Bellis and Arthur Velez had moved from Ann Arbor to Chicago and posted their bedroom recordings on Bandcamp.  I was first attracted by the quality songwriting and jangling instrumentation.  Mike (guitar/vocals) and Arthur (drums) have since been joined by Kevin Fairbairn (guitar) and Greg Obis (drums), and have continued to hone their sound.  Owning in part to Mike's vocals, Pavement often is suggested as an influence, but to my ears their is a strong connection with Australian slacker pop and New Zealand jangle, as well as American standards Velvet Underground and Television.  Clearance's first LP is available today and I recommend it to anyone for whom that list of potential influences strikes a chord.  In fact, I'll broaden that: I recommend it to anyone who likes the sound of two guitars knocking out chunky riffs while the bass and drums drive along perfectly constructed pop rock songs -- which probably includes every one of our 3 million plus (unaudited estimate) regular readers.  These guys love to make noise, and they do make noise.  But they never forget that the goal is the delivery of a good tune.  And as evidenced by songs such as "No Glance You Took" and "Flowers In Epoxy", the band can dial it back for a more relaxed approach as well.

If you like '90s alternative slacker rock and college rock with a Antipodean sheen, Rapid Rewards is just what you need for your fall soundtrack.  I've been playing it several times a day all week and it is great stuff.

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Anonymous said...

How you can not mention Pavement in any review of this album is beyond me!