Sunday, September 20, 2015

Robert Forster - Songs To Play

A few weeks ago we featured (link) by a song by a young Australian band named The Goon Sax which is fronted by a tall high school student named Louis Forster.  We think you should be reminded that young Louis is not the only musically inclined Forster.  In fact, his father, Robert, is that Robert Forster.  Yes, Robert Forster of legendary Australian band The Go-Betweens.  Although in the wake of the death of Go-Betweens partner Grant McLennan Forster no long records under that name, he still writes and performs under his own name (in addition to producing and writing about music).  He latest effort is Songs To Play, which was released last week by German label Tapete Records.  While I'm not one of the music journalists on Tapete's distribution list and thus haven't had a copy of the album to digest, I have heard a stream of the album.  I'm pleased to report that Forster retains his deft touch in songwriting.  The melodies are simple but memorable, the rhythms compelling and lively, and the lyrics  incisive and expressive.  Of course, any fan of The Go-Betweens will want to check out this release, but I submit that any indie music fan could find a good deal to like here.  I don't normally link to other sites, but you can stream the album here.

Here is the album trailer --

Forster self-produced Songs to Play with Scott Bramley and Luke McDonald of The John Steel Singers, whose work Forster has produced in the past.  Scott and Luke also play on the album, as does Matt Piele and Karin Baumler.

Tapete Records

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