Thursday, September 10, 2015

Restless Hearts - Restless Hearts

There will be no blathering about the background of the band in this post, because I've got nothing.  The label advises us that this is the entire catalog of Restless Hearts, save a few alternate takes.  The label also tells us how wonderful this album is.  There is no false pride in that statement; just the straight, unadorned truth.  This is the sort of powerpop you hope for every time you play a song labeled as powerpop.  And you keep playing those advertised powerpop songs despite often being disappointed, because you love powerpop and you want to be happy like all of God's children.  Well, this is the day your disappointment ends, because Jigsaw Records has released Restless Hearts.

Power chords, harmonies, songs about girls and being young with your life ahead of you.  And all played the way songs are played when the band (1) has talent, and (2) is playing to please themselves and you are merely invited along.  You get twenty songs that you will play over and over until they are imprinted on your brain, and you'll recommend it to all your friends.  and why not -- as is the case with all releases on the Jigsaw label, Restless Hearts is generously priced as a digital download or CD.  The Bandcamp link below has the details, and the ability to stream the entire album.  But you can check out the first two songs below and see just how right I am.

Bandcamp for Album

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