Monday, November 7, 2011

Rocksteady's Single Pick of the Week: The Louche FC - "Romantic" / "Rain and Thunder, Love Take Me Under"

One of my favorite little known bands from Manchester is The Louche FC. We featured them earlier this year and have been awaiting more music. The music this band makes pushes all the right buttons for me. On November 28 Sways Records are releasing The Louche FC's single "Romantic" / "Rain and Thunder, Love Take Me Under". While it isn't November 28 yet, the video for "Romantic" has been released, so I'm declaring it to by my single of the week.

The Louche FC - Romantic from Sways Records on Vimeo.

You can stream both tracks from the single here:

And the band has made the following track, "Hands", available for free download.
The Louche FC - Hands by sways

Sways Records

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